BF Group is a family of companies, that are among the biggest, most dynamic and widely respected in Azerbaijan.

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BF Travel offers industry partners the full benefits of a customized 360-degree service catering to a full range of client needs.

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BF Training provides facilitated courses on sustainable tourism practices and business skills from industry professionals.

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BF Construction is the foremost developer of international standard commercial and residential property in Azerbaijan.

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Welcome to the new generation of concierge club, which is comfortable, reliable and convenient.

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About us

Established in February 2017 with headquarters in Baku, the BF Group LLC has completed 1 year of its operations during which it has earned the reputation as one of the leading and committed to the best corporate governance practice national private business group in Azerbaijan. BF's key investments are concentrated in non-oil industries such as financial services (banking and insurance), construction, tourism, property development and real estate.

Family of Companies

Within several years BF rapidly evolved into a sizable diversified regional investment company through applied vision and values of the shareholders to develop the business within best corporate governance practice and deployment of business diversification and regional expansion strategy.

We firmly believe in importance of credibility in the current challenging business environment and we are certain of the validity of our strategy, based on transparency, quality and profitability. We stay committed to being a representation of best corporate practice, trust, continuity and respect for all our stakeholders: our country, shareholders, clients and partners.

Serving its customers since 2017
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BF Travel is unique in Azerbaijan - full service Tourism and Destination Management Company that is also a member of AZTA & AzCB.

BF Travel has an extensive network within the country and in neighbouring Georgia. The company is proud to collaborate with hand-picked professional partners worldwide. With experience in depth, we offer industry partners the full benefits of a customized 360-degree service catering to a full range of client needs and delivering the best possible experiences.

* Terms and conditions of refund: According to the contract between BF Travel and customer we are able to payback amount to customer's credit card.


Extreme tours, hiking, off-road and other creative tours are up to your preference and taste


Rely on industry experts to plan the perfect family vacation


Group reservations in air tickets and hotels with discounted corporative prices help you to save money

Providing trainings since 2017

BF Training is a professional training center that has started operating in Azerbaijan since 2017. BF Travel is constantly expanding its line of development with its trainings, local and international tenders, and projects that have won.

Presenting trainings to clients on Finance and Accounting, Tax Accounting, Management and Foreign Languages, BF Training has trained more than 1,500 students in Azerbaijan so far. BF Training, with its talented and professional team to develop every day in Azerbaijan, has furthered its robust and sustainable development in the business environment and offers a high market share, offering ambitious trainings to the competitive marketplace.

Our goal is to continue to make important, up-to-date, scientific and demanding trainings, and continue to provide decent services to students, business people and corporate clients.

Creating, designing and delivering some of the largest and most prestigious developments in Azerbaijan today through innovative development and partnerships with leading international design and construction experts.

BF Construction is the foremost developer of international standard commercial and residential property in Azerbaijan. We have completed a unique array of outstanding projects in prime locations, which are notable both for their architectural excellence and the quality of their construction.

Our landmark projects have made a significant contribution to the dramatic transformation of the Baku cityscape over the last few years, particularly as many of our major projects have been prominently located on the city's prestigious seafront boulevard.

Beyond simply creating beautiful spaces, one of our core objectives is to actively manage the completed properties to deliver an exceptional experience to our clients and their patrons. For the majority of our projects we are closely involved throughout the full life cycle; from initial design conception through to the management of operations and maintenance post-completion. Working this way allows us to guarantee that the initial aspirations for each property are fully delivered to the client's complete satisfaction.

Our asset management teams have been created to ensure that we have the required expertise to manage each specific property asset class to its maximum potential. We are confident that our asset management capability is not only the finest in Azerbaijan, but that our teams have been created with the depth of knowledge and international experience necessary to deliver this service to the highest global standards.

Concierge service for premium persons and their families

The VIP club "Baku Concierge" is the first real concierge which offers wide variety services in Azerbaijan and across the globe. The main task is to help organize your lifestyle by taking multiple tasks of any complexity and make your time more efficient. We are valuing the wishes of our customers and there confidentiality.

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